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Tri-Vortex™ has used state-of-the-art technology to create the 2D barcode. This is clearly displayed on the packaging of ALL Tri-Vortex™ treated products. If it is not displayed, please question the validity of the product. The 2D barcode, ensures the following:

  • That the product is Tri-Vortex™ treated, and
  • Not a fake, grey, or a parallel import.
  • That there is total transparency in the supply chain, and
  • Can be globally identified via a website.
  • Verifies date of treatment.
  • Labels cannot be reproduced, and
  • Attempts to falsify it can be identified immediately.

    NOTE: Scan, or photograph the label and e-mail it to us for verification.

The 2D Barcode label is a service offered to any company wanting to ensure their customers of their products' validity. Barcode may look similar to example below.

Click for pdf version.
2D Bar Code


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