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For all Tri-Vortex™ sales enquiries, please contact a distributor nearest to you.

For all Wholesale and Trade enquiries,
please contact us directly.

TEL: +27 (11) 025 8838

 AUSTRALIA Melbourne Tri-Vortex Stockist - Australia
 JAPAN Yokohama Tri-Vortex Stockist - Japan
 KOREA Seoul Tri-Vortex Stockist - Korea
 ROMANIA Bucharest Tri-Vortex Stockist - Romania
 SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town Tri-Vortex Stockist - South Africa - Cape Town
  Johannesburg Tri-Vortex Stockist - South Africa - Johannesburg
 UK & GLOBAL Margate - Kent Tri-Vortex Stockist - UK & Global
 USA Florida Tri-Vortex Stockist - USA


Tel: +27 (0)11 025 8838
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