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Tri-Vortex Cellphone Discs

Tri-Vortex™ Cellphone Disc

Code: Cell Disc  (3.8Mb)
4 in a packet

Use one per phone and replace with a new one every 9 months.

A300 Personal Air Purifier (Tri-Vortex™ Treated)

Code:     (513kb)
Size: mm

Tri-Vortex™ A300 Replacement Battery
Code: CR2032 - 3V Lithium

Tri-Vortex™ Perfect Power Adapter

Code: Plug 1 (521kb)
1 x 15Amp socket & 2 x 2 pin sockets

Plug EMR emitting appliances e.g. TV, Computer, etc. into this adapter.


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