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Please click on the links below to download files from Google Drive. Each line has a description of the file contents as well as the file size. The files are in various formats including: pdf, mp3, avi, wmv and presentations in PPT.

Click on a link below to access the file, this will take you to Google Drive (URL will display as which will then download the file to your browser.

To Download to your PC:

Click File then Download on the document's Menu (below the document name, or click the displayed download button. Please note the download button may not display on older browser versions.

Testing Done:

     Tri-Vortex Results to 2011.PPT (84MB)

Articles, Interviews, etc.:

     Tri-Vortex In-depth Interview Sept 2008.mp3 (52MB)
     Does Tri-Vortex Really Work.pdf (0.15MB)
     Tri-Vortex - A Detailed Summary.pdf (0.10MB)
     Combined Testimonials SA to 2005.pdf (0.70MB)
     Electro-Magnetic Radiation.pdf (0.15MB)


     Tri-Vortex Australia Practitioner use Demo 2009.wmv (76MB)
     Tri-Vortex Australia Web Intro.avi (25MB)
     Cell Phone - Muscle Testing.wmv (Singapore) (1MB)
     Energy Balance - Muscle Testing.wmv (Singapore) (1MB)
     Balancing - Muscle Testing.wmv (Singapore) (3MB)
     Flexibility - Muscle Testing.wmv (Singapore) (1.7MB)


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